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Our course will start in March 2021 and will follow up with other 11 months meetings.

All dates you can see on the pdf file.






  • Full Price Payment of $3000 (GST Included) Cash or Bank Transfer
  • MONTHLY INSTALMENTS: (Credit Card or Bank Card) - $3800

Deposit - $500 up front + 10 payments of $330 (GST included) Card fees to apply - 2.2% transaction

  • Individual Modules - Month - $480
  • Residential accomodations and meals are not inclued in the price

Have a look inside the course platform and check the all program before your commitment.

Follow the links and start your journey, read each part and if you decide to enrol just comeback and enrol or email us for more details.

Who is the main teacher?

Nubia De Morais

Nubia has been teaching yoga since 2005. She is a senior yoga teacher in Australia and Overseas.

Before that, Nubia was Personal Trainer with high degree qualification in Physical Education and Sports.

She has a genuine way to bring an easy and simple way to understand and apply yoga in everyones life.

Join Nubia in this amazing journey of 12 months yoga course.

Learning deeper about yoga traditions, meditation and lifestyle.

Build your confidence to teach during the course with Nubia's guidance.

Beginners Classes

Yoga is for everyone

Free Yoga Class - Online

Yoga Benefits

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