This course is a free intro to beginners class and yin yoga class.

A basic and short course to introduce our teacher and our school.


  • The course is divided in steps / sessions
  • You can do as many times as you want
  • Click on the links for Facebook and Youtube channel so you can receive more free classes
  • Understand what you need to practice at home
  • Follow the instructions and enjoy the classes.

Hi, I’m Nubia De Morais, owner and head teacher of The Pure Yoga Wellbeing Centre and I will guide you during this short course.

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Free Beginners Intro Course

This is a Intro to the 8 Weeks Beginners Course

Welcome to our free trial of ou 8 weeks Intro to Beginners Yoga course.

Yoga is for everyone
Yoga is for everyone

Welcome to our Beginners Group

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Music to Relax, Meditate, Practice Yoga

Benefits Of Yoga

Many reasons to start yoga today!